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4 Best Ways Of Accessing Internet On Your TV

Smart Televisions are becoming popular nowadays because it provides you more options comparing to usual Television sets. You can browse the Internet and can also use social networking sites just like other Internet connecting devices while you can make your usual TV into a smart one by using some simple methods. It will give you the similar experience of viewing Television as you can experience in Smart TV sets.

Here are some of the methods using which you can connect Internet to your TV.

Using Laptops or PC

You need an HDMI port on your TV and you can connect your laptop or PC through the one end and another end is connected from TV HDMI port. You can find that view on your laptop or PC screen is similar to the view on your TV screen. You can also use it like a big screen monitor for your PC.

You need to connect your system to the Internet using LAN cable-based broadband connection or wireless connection Wi-Fi.

Using Smartphones

IPTV provider
IPTV provider

For connecting mobile to the Television, you need a special type of cable which is called MHL cable which means Mobile High-Definition Link. This cable contains one side as HDMI cable connector and another side with mobile port connector while you connecting your smartphone through TV you can find that the view of your mobile screen and TV are similar and you can control your TV screen with your mobile. You can browse using your mobile and can experience it viewing on bigger screen.

Using Blu-Ray or Smart box

You can make use of the smart box or you can also use Blu-ray device. You can connect this box to your TV through HDMI cables. You can operate this device from their remote and they have their own operating system. These boxes have recording feature also and you can record your latest live programs to watch it later. IPTV providers can deliver you a smart box if you buy its subscription package. You will be able to enjoy all of the videos, movies and thousands of programs and channels.

 Smart TV

These are the Television set with similar features as the smartphone devices which is shown on a big television screen. You can just connect your TV to the internet access to get the internet option on your TV sets. These TV sets have their own operating properties which you can control with your TV remote.

In the previous certain decade we had been using cable TV for quite a long time but digital direct connection has provided us better experience of TV but now we need something which does require minimum space and can fulfil our most of the entertainment needs while the Internet TV option has shown us great promise in that aspect.