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4 Important Tips To Get Rid Of Your Permanent Tattoo

Most of the people in olden days who have the unwanted tattoos need to sustain with their tattoos while with the development of derma technology it became easier to exterminate or fade away those tattoos. Most of the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons recommend laser treatment since it is safer and have minimum risk compared to other tattoo removal techniques.

While if you also want to remove your old tattoo, here are some important tips for you.

  • Not all tattoo disappear easily

There is quite a possibility of removing tattoo permanently using laser method, while it needs some time to totally exterminate a permanent tattoo. For removing a permanent tattoo, it may take 6 to 12 treatments while you need to give proper rest to your skin for at least 2 to 4 weeks before successive treatment. Without proper healing of skin can cause serious skin problems.

In the cases of colored tattoos, inks of other than black color do not absorb all the wavelengths of light this cause only fading of other colors while black ink easily gets removed and that part of tattoo which is prepared from other colors are not easily removed. It might take some number of treatment to totally remove colored tattoos.

Tattoo removal
Tattoo removal
  • Old tattoos disappear easily

Older tattoos can easily disappear and sometimes needed only 4 to 5 treatment to remove the tattoo completely. While new tattoos are more headache and there are some chances that even after 12 treatment your tattoo will not totally remove. But you do not need to lose hope and should try for the next treatment. Maybe the next treatment can give you the favorable results.

  • Who did it?

If you have the tattoo prepared by amateur then don’t be sad because it is easier to remove using laser method while the tattoo artwork of professionals cannot be easily exterminated.

  • Body placement

Tattoos which are closer to the heart are easily removable this is because there is high immunity of cells near the heart and our body tries best to remove the unwanted ink pigmentation in the blood due to laser treatment of tattoo.

There are some minimum risk of losing pigmentation of your skin while you can apply sunscreen lotion in your skin to avoid such problems and if your skin is oversensitive then you need to take proper advice from the dermatologist before the laser treatment.