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How The Car Accident Settlement Process Works?

If you get injured or involved in an accident caused by any another driver carelessness, you can claim for the car accident settlement. It helps you to get the compensations of your damages through a personal injury claim such as medical expenses, car repairing cost, lost wages during your recovery and suffering.

A car accident settlement process involves more than the simply submitting the claim. It usually involves a lengthy investigation of accident and negotiation of the settlement amount. If you are not satisfied or not reach the car settlement, a legal lawsuit is applied in the court.

Here a lot of things involves settling a car accident claim.

Let’s see how it works –

  • Investigation –

After claiming a car accident settlement, the insurance company conducts a complete investigation of the accident. This investigation is conducted by the insurance adjuster.

The investigation involves a review of every piece of evidence to prove your validity for the claim. The photographs of damaged car, accident scene and official police report are needed during the investigation.

  • Consultation with experts –

    Accident lawyer
    Accident lawyer


Experts are vital for your claim when you get involved in a serious accident as they provide a critical insight into your accident such as a doctor, accident lawyer etc. Accident lawyer helps to anticipate defense strategies for the tactics which insurance company might be using for saving the company’s money. A doctor is required to check all the injuries to place the settlement.

  • Reviewing insurance policies –

Every insurance is different, it all depends from accident to accident based on victim minor and major injuries. Insurance policies involve all compensations related to your damages such as medical bills and lost wages. You can also seek compensation for your damages through other party’s liability insurance provider.

  • Seeking a pre-lawsuit settlement –

Most of the car accident settlement settles without a lawsuit. If you reach a settlement offer where you can make all your damages, you can just accept the offer. There is no need for the lawsuit.

  • Filing a lawsuit –

If you do not reach an appropriate settlement from the insurance company, you can take the claim to the court.

  • Negotiating a settlement –

Even if you filed a lawsuit to the court, still you can make the settlement outside the court. The negotiations can be settled between the accident attorney and the insurance provider.


Before settling a claim or getting into the settlement process, you need to know how the car accident settlement processes work. There are certain actions that you have to take after an accident to successfully settle your claim.