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Top 7 Ways To Get More Likes On Youtube

A lot of likes in the YouTube have a lot of benefits. It engages more traffic into your video. It helps you to get your video in front of more number of people. Whenever a person clicks the like button of your video, your video gets automatically posted on their wall and give you new viewers. For making your video viral, you need a huge number of like and views on your video.

The more likes on your video, the higher your video will rank on search engines of all kinds. And it will automatically result in more number of people watching your video.

Buy Youtube Views
Buy Youtube Views

There are certain steps to increase your YouTube likes on your video –

Make a great video –

Make your video great as much as you can. Choose a suitable and interesting content that your audience will like. Make sure your video has adequate lighting and a good sound quality. Make some editing when you finished your video and try to raise the quality of your video.

Feature it on your YouTube –

After uploading your video, make sure your video the featured video on the top of your YouTube page. When people look your organizational YouTube page, they will be able to see your the most current video. It will look your page up-to-date and relevant.

Choose a good thumbnail –

Try to find a good thumbnail for your video. Do not let YouTube automatically choosing your thumbnail because then it won’t be interesting.

Make your title proper and interesting –

Try to find out a proper and interesting title for your video that directly relates to your video.  Do not try to keep it brief, make a short and fascinating title.

Write a good video description –

Instead of writing a long description, try to consider the storytelling description that describes what’s happening in your video. This is more interesting and attractive to viewers.

Buy Youtube Views
Buy Youtube Views

Post early and often –

Try to post your video regularly for a month. It will keep engaging your viewers. Keep you post fresh with new fresh titles and content. This helps to increase your likes.

Buy YouTube views –

You will be glad to know that you can also buy YouTube views. There are several numbers of websites that offer YouTube views. You can buy and gradually increase your views. It will help you to reach out to more audience.


If your goal is having immense likes on your video or want to make your video viral, you should follow certain steps which are mentioned above. It will help you to reach your target.