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5 Effective Tricks To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has grown its reach a lot and now it is a name among the fastest growing social media. You can imagine by looking at the number of Instagram users which have already exceeded 800 million and increasing more. Many people want to get popular through social media channels, which is also same in Instagram also. There are also lots of Instagram marketing tools available in the online market, while you need to select the best one while this will only be helpful if you will be having an attractive looking Instagram profile containing interesting posts in them.

Here are some tricks which will help you to increase your social activity on Instagram and also to optimize your profile to get more likes and followers on Instagram.




By creating your own community on Instagram you can able to categorize the people who like the similar opinions as yours and can understand your style. It may take some time to start up a community but after succeeding, you will be able to get favorable results and there are more people who will appreciate your work on Instagram.


Analyze your status

 Instagram marketing tool
Instagram marketing tool


After trying to optimize your profile and doing your best in your Instagram post it the time to look back for the chance of improvement. You can use an Instagram marketing tool which specializes in analyzing the data of your Instagram posts, likes, follower and the effect of your caption and hashtags in your post, which will give the better idea about your viewers likes and dislikes.


Tag other people in your posts


There are some people who are your friends and followers while you are posting a picture of them you should always tag them. You will not only get the appreciation from that person but also get likes from their other followers also and it increases your reach on Instagram.


Geotag on Instagram


You can be able to make your post more interesting by adding the location of the places where you have shot those pictures. Seriously, it will be able to attract more attention from the audience.


Instagram Takeover


Guest posting is now becoming a trend and one of the coolest way to get more likes on your post. You just need to find out a host who has the similar niche related to your Instagram profile for several days or a week and after some time you will find that you have gained more followers on Instagram.


Using your own creativity you can do different changes in your post. You can try some of the popular caption and hashtags with your post, which will attract more audience in your posts. Experimenting is the best way to get more success on social media, so try new things and you might discover a new way to increase your followers on Instagram.