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5 Secrets To Buy Best E-Cig For You?

Pod mod vaporizer have rapidly gained lot of popularity among all the people, in very short span of time, because of the convenience and efficiency offered by these devices. With the vast array of diverse pods available, it is really difficult for you to choose the best e-cigarettes for yourself. Here are few points to assist you before buying an electronic cigarette:

Battery life:

Respective proprietary charges are provided with each and every device, but the JUUL charger kits come equipped with the USB charger, that connects to the base of the device with a magnetic strip and are provided with cordless charger. But at the same time, there is various other e-cig which have the same USB chargers and connectors. The battery should come with an indicator so that you can check the battery life by gently tapping on the LED light situated at the front which indicates its battery life. When you take a device you will see a ‘white’ light indicating that your kit is ready to use, ’green’ when it is completely charged, ‘yellow’ then half charged and ; red’ need to be charged, these color variations available in the devices makes it more favorable in buying them.


There are various flavor options available in the electronic cigarettes, so you will never be bored smoking or using electronic-vaporizers, as its different flavors will change your mood accordingly. Juul pods are available in various flavors like, Virginia tobacco, cool mint, fruit medley, crème brulee and many more.


The appearance of almost all the E-cigs comes in the same shape and style. You should try to purchase the cigars which are thin so that it can be easily accommodated in your purse or pocket and you can be prudent while smoking.

Tough impact of flavor:

The flavors which are available in the vaping should leave a tough impact of all the flavors, on your taste buds which you can feel even after.

Easily available:


Always try to buy the devices which are easily available and which require low maintenance, and which are available at low cost and does not affect your pocket much. Search for the best online sites which provide you with best quality electronic cigars.


Whichever product you choose, I suggest you to at least check these characteristics before buying them, and buy the ones which provide you the conformability.