5 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Gaming system

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Do you like to play video gaming on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo devices? If yes, then you might know that how much online gaming system has evolved. When you are playing on the online platform, the speed of the game is the main factor based on which your gaming experience will enhance or will be ruined. There are so many factors based on which the gaming performance of your system will change. You need to check, how reliable is your ISP, RAM of the system, Graphics card in the system and many other details. Here are some tips using which you can enhance your gaming experience.

Your equipment’s setting

If there is a problem with your network then you should contact your ISP. While the performance of your gaming system also depends on your gaming processor also. While all of the gaming consoles have robust processing system. But if you are playing using your PC then you need to make some small adjustment with graphics and other settings.

Your Internet connection

After telling your ISP still you are not getting better speed in your gaming system, then try changing the router with better features. Many of the modern routers have the characteristics of 5GHz of the network and 802.11ac WIFI but in the environment of various types of noise in the network, there is a chance that your Internet will slow down. In such situation having another router before your gaming system will give you better speed.

Your wire setting

You should have every connection to your network system using CAT5e or CAT 6 cables. However wireless seems a better option as you do not have to worry about the length of wires. In fact, wire connections are faster, as you may have seen that wireless seems lag compare to the wired controlling devices like keyboard, mouse etc.

Customize Internet setting

Even after the installation of a new router, you are facing problems in your network. By changing your IP configuration also you can speed up the performance of the network. If you do not have the understanding of networking and thinking, What is my IP? It is an address of your networking system and without an IP you cannot be able to go online. When you are gaming online you should set the priority level higher, so that other people who are sharing the same network will not take any precedence.

 What is My IP

What is My IP

The gaming performance of your system is also depended on display also. If you have the ultra HD Television set, then you can be able to have more fun while gaming. With small optimisation of some setting in your gaming system and network, you can be able to improve your gaming experience.

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