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Online Movie Streaming Sites- Is It Illegal To Watch Movies Without Downloading?


Online movie streaming sites have widely been popular over the years. People mostly prefer to watch movies online within their comfort zone, rather than watching them in a theater. You will find some of the popular movie streaming websites such as Netflix, 123movies, and Hulu to be completely legal. Almost everyone had ever been to online movie site that provides them the facility of watching contents without imposing any sort of charges but a question always remain in their mind, Is it legal to watch movies online without downloading? Let’s discuss the statement in this article.


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Laws related to copyright

Movies are projected with copyright laws. You might have noticed the warning that appears in the bottom line before a movie starts, that is basically given to avoid copyright violation. Actually, it is illegal to distribute movies for profit motive until the copyright holder grants permission.

If you are engaged in downloading/uploading movie to streaming sites, then definitely it would be termed as illegal. Even if you share an illegal movie online, this action is also strictly prohibited. As soon as online movie streaming sites have been considered, the viewers don’t commit any kind of crime instead they are just watching the content uploaded by a site administrator. Some of the sites require mandatory registration before someone start surfing among the contents.


Local laws

Besides the internationally framed laws, there are also some local laws made within the particular country that would affect the act of online streaming. Till now, there is not a single country that considers the activity of online movie streaming to be illegal but if you are streaming over a site that is banned in your country, it might be termed as a criminal offense and ultimately you will be liable for punishment.


Legal ways to watch movies online

As mentioned earlier there are several online movie streaming sites available where one can watch contents in a legal way, mostly Netflix and 123 movies are preferred among the viewers. Though they come with safety, it doesn’t mean you are not focusing on the terms and conditions associated with the sites. Other than movie streaming sites, YouTube is used among the majority of viewers.



However various laws have been made for the content policy of online movie streaming sites, one cannot falls under the category of criminal if they are watching illegal contents on sites rather than downloading themselves.

Film Therapy: 5 Benefits of watching movies

Do you think watching movies benefit us in anyway?

Can you think of any movie which changed your life forever?

The answers coming for the above mentioned questions are usually contrasting in nature which show a discrepancy from person to person. Most of the people would never agree with the benefits that movies have knowingly or unknowingly on them, rather they are not diligent enough to find out that fact. On the other hand there are some people who value their time and always attempt to extract more than meagre entertainment from a movie by delving in them.

This article just does the same, it unblocks the knots of thought process of the influence of movies in us. Here are some of the end products of film psychotherapy-

  • Entertainment-

    This effect of the movie is the most primitive and usually experienced by each and every person watching it, as far as the movie is entertaining in nature. Human mind is designed and destined to work hard and usually for a specific task, Diversion and recreation for mind is very essential for enhancing its efficiency.

  • Triggers imagination-

    Most of the movies are basically work of imagination and when we indulge in watching such movies it also triggers our thought process and imagination. Subjective approach to movies tends to take out subjective inferences from a movie which in itself is a form mental exercise and entertainment as well.

  • Inspiration-

    Movies can have a profound effect on us. Watching an inspirational movie of the genre or section we best relate to can light the fire within us to go out and make a difference in ourselves and society as well.

  • Education-

    Learning is a never ending process and there is no specific source of learning as well. Supporting the argument, movies can also be a source of education in wide range of fields such as- Science, Humanity, Society, Politics, business and what not. Movies also make us learn the importance of “team work”. As a movie isn’t made by contribution of just a single person but a complete team of people specializing in different types of responsibilities.

  • Contribution-

    While watching movies we are not simply buying entertainment for ourselves but also contributing in providing and supporting employment to thousands of people who come together and work to deliver us the best possible content.

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          So far we’ve discussed the great impact that movies can have on us. But our busy life has estranged us from movies, considering a time saving source like can help us to avoid missing out on great contents.