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Poker Online: The Best Way For Playing Poker

Playing poker online has become a trend. Online sites play an important role in this trendsetting. According to some sources, the users of Poker online has increased from 84 million to 2.4 billion in the year 2017. In many countries, the game of online poker has become legal because the government also understands that the online poker games are like any other. They are like big online business forums there a big queue of people are always gathered. They make good money for online sites. At the same site, people enjoy playing it.

What are the benefits of playing of online Poker games?

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  • 24x7 availability.
  • No need to travel.
  • Fewer charges.
  • Easy and simple to play.
  • Much safer.
  • Fewer contradictions.
  • Avoids cheating in the playing game.

When online Poker game came into existence?

Planet Poker was the first online poker card room that came into existence in 1998. The first online poker game were played on 1 January 1998. In the early 90’s, the online poker games was played in the IRC format that includes some protocols. The computer is used to deal with the chats during the game. It stands for internet relay chat.

Who was Mike Caro?

Mike Caro was a professional poker player and an expert in writing books on poker.

What is the contribution of Mike Caro for online Poker?

He became the consultant for many casinos in 90’s. He writes many books on poker games. He founded the Mike Caro University of gambling, poker and life strategy. It is not wrong to say that he was a most important person in the history of online poker game.

Is online poker game is addictive?

The answer to this question is difficult to answer because there nothing in the world which you play or use constantly becomes an addiction. So it’s not just the case with online poker games. It’s up to you how can you access it. Every coin have two sides, so online poker games also has two sides the negative one and the positive.


Online poker games has become a need of an hour. Online sites contributed a lot to this. The people like Mike Caro sets the foundation for online poker games. He was the face of planet poker. Planet poker was a first online card room launched in 90’s.

Top 5 Most Important Traits Of Successful Poker Players

No doubt, Poker is the most common card game and widely played by the people from all around the world in all age groups. Poker can be played online as well as in land-based casinos. Majority of the people nowadays love to play poker online. There are many sites or situs poker online available that allow the players to play poker with convenience and win big.

Whether you are an online or offline poker player, there are a lot of things that matter for successfully winning the game. Some important and common traits you will see in the successful poker players.

Here we are discussing some important traits of successful poker players:


Discipline -

Discipline is one of the most important traits that can a poker player posses. There are many top players which are remained at the top for a long time which are extremely disciplined. It is helpful to make good folds, study more about the game and leave the game when it is not worth to play.

The great players continue to study or learn the game and develop new strategies to play. They keep self-evaluating themselves by remaining disciplined.

Ability to deal with adversity -

Losing is also an important part of the poker game. There will be a time when you made all the right decisions and still you will lose. The symbol of a great poker player is to stay motivated when your cards are not in your favor.

The deflated feeling is common when you lose and your graphs going down but you need to keep yourself motivated. This will serve you an opportunity to gain the advantage and big win.

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Money management -

Money management is an important factor in every gambling or betting game and the poker is one of them. The player needs to maintain their bankroll while playing.

The money management in the game helps you to stay in the game for a long term. One should know how to manage the bankroll and how to make a bet.

Natural poker ability -

There are many players who achieved the success in the poker world by their natural ability to play poker. Thus, this can also be developed by constantly working and continuing evaluating the game.

Intelligence -

For successfully winning the poker game, the player should have intelligent strategies to play. There is a number of learning resources and strategic concepts are available for playing poker.


For becoming a successful poker player, you need to develop some above-mentioned traits and study your game. This will improve your game and increase the winning chances.

Fascinating Features Of Casino Games

This has become one of the most exciting gaming place, where many players spend their quality time gambling and having fun. You can now play via your desktop, laptop or mobile device and happily spin the reels, with pleasure as well. The online casino features have been constantly changing over the years and today, it has seen a new life of innovation and advancement, with the newest developers working on the transforming the game into the next level of virtual reality. Some cool online casino games that people have relay started playing are the Situs Poker Online Terpercaya, Situs Judi Online DominoQQ Terpercaya and much more. Discussed below are the top innovative and exciting features of online casino games.


This is one main feature to consider to give yourself a better gaming experience. In live casino games, these sounds will not be heard, because of the other sounds in the playing room. While this is something really important to consider while playing such online games, and they are sure to affect your mood of the game too.

Licensed Games

Bringing about a game in the market, and getting it well accepted by the people is actually a big deal in the market now. And that is why developers often choose existing characters so that people will notice it much quicker. The best and safest mode of playing will be to choose online casino places which have been licensed and also have a good history of providing some great casino slots for players.

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Multiple Screen Slots

Here you will be able to switch games without leaving your seats and also if you are interested to play more than one game, then what you can do is to play in multiple screen slots simultaneously. This is one exciting feature of online gaming which you should never miss.This will give you the chance of playing all types of game you really want to play, at the same time.

Live Dealer Casinos

This gives you a real feeling of playing live casinos when you are actually playing it online. This can be even more exciting to you. So you get a real gaming experience in all your comforts.

Progressive Jackpots

This will give you huge amounts of money if you really play the game well. Take up the game in the right spirit and in this, your prize money keeps on changing. So if you wish to make money by playing, progressive jackpots are what you should opt for.

So do try playing this game online and this is sure to excite you and take you to a very different level of gaming. You will find it quite interesting and fun. Here you will get many opportunities and advantages over the live games like you will simply be able to play multiple games at the same time, check on progressive slots and much more as well.