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5 Amazing Card Games To Play With Friends And Family

Card games are always popular and fun game for people of all ages and that is why you can play this game with all your family members. One of the best feelings for anybody is that when he/she can enjoy time with his/her family and friends. Card games can also be effective memory exercise for kids yet it is also fun for them.

Here is the list of card games which you can enjoy with your family and friends.


It is a game which you can play with friends and also alone. You spread all the cards in the face-down position and you have to find similar cards by memorizing each card’s position. There are more card games which you can also play alone like solitaire. If you are alone and want to spend some time doing something interesting then you can play solitaire game. You can browse Classic Solitaire online to know more about this game.

Go Fish

In this game, the dealer gives all player 5 or 7 cards and rest of the deck places on the table facing downwards. The player in the turn has to ask another player about a card which he/she wants. If the other player has that card than he/she have to give all similar cards to the first player and if not then he/she says go fish and player with the first turn will have to pick a card from the deck. They have to create a similar combination of 4 cards and the player who is able to finish his all cards first will be the winner.

[caption id="attachment_237" align="aligncenter" width="636"]classic solitaire classic solitaire[/caption]


This game can be played with three or more than three players. Each player has a spoon and the aim of the player is to collect four cards with a similar face. Players who are able to form their combination can pick their spoons and the last one with a remaining spoon will be the loser.


This game can be played with 2 or more than 2 players. The skill required to win this game is alertness. Cards are spread evenly amongst the players and each player has to put one card in the center of the table. If the consecutive two thrown cards are having a similar face when the player has to shout SNAP and put their hands on the pile of cards at center. The one who calls first will take all the pile. The player with no remaining cards will lose the game.


This game is generally played between two players. The one who throws cards with big value will get the card thrown by other player and at last, the one with no cards will be the loser and another player will be the winner.

These card games are easy to learn and you can also play these games with kids. You can play these type of games with the different age groups. You can also enjoy these games when you are enjoying outing or be partying with your friends.