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5 Simple Steps For Amazon Seller To Win Buy Box

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, buy box can help you a lot in gaining more customers. It allows the customer to add the product to the basket, while most of the customer look for the buy box option before purchasing. While if you also want to win buy box to increase your sales and profits then you can make use of some simple steps shown below.

Eligible for buy box

Although all the eligible seller cannot be able to win Buy Box, the non-eligible sellers cannot even hope to win buy box. To gain the eligibility for buy box on Amazon, you need to sell online at least for more than 6 months and should have more than average selling rate.

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Star-Metric Level Indicator

You can get a review from the customers about your product by using star-metric level indicator as it tells about the customer’s opinion about your product. Amazon decides the winner on the basis of the algorithm in numbers of more good reviews, while you have to beat your competitors in those numbers.

Price optimization

Making the price lower can may help you in winning buy box sometimes but that also depends on your sales factor, if there is a sudden growth of customers after rate fall, then you may be able to win Buy box, while it is not a sure shot way of winning it.

Contact customer personally

While you are selling on Amazon you become a third party while you do not have to contact customers since Amazon could deal with the problem related to customer care. But you can also use personalized messaging to your customers to sort out their problem that can help you in improving your sales.

Use FBA service

Amazon FBA service provides the storage space for the product stock of vendor at Amazon warehouses. They will pick the goods from the vendor’s place while they will do the packaging and also do the shipment of the product to the buyer. Using FBA service will help you gain some points to increase your chances of winning buy box.

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There is so much competition in online business while you need to perform well and struggle with it to achieve success. By winning buy box you can be able to gain the increase in the sales while you can progress much higher in terms of online business.