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Facebook is a most loved social platform all over the world. It is a great invention of Mark Zuckerberg. It was launched on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends of The Harvard College. Facebook has set the bar for all the social media platforms that are launched after the Facebook. The social networking sites that have been launched after Facebook are quite large in number. Many social media platforms came and went but failed to affect the popularity of Facebook. All want popularity on Facebook.

Everyone wants more Facebook likes. It is very easy if you have a good focus on certain things. You have to be very clear in mind in which field you want to explore. Some want to be popular for music and some want to be remembered for dancing skills. So your posts must include the stuff for which stream you want to become popular. Facebook is a social platform which includes all kinds of posts like videos, audios, and content. So it is a melange of all kinds of posts. For becoming famous on Facebook there are 200 million things you can do. Some of the points by which you get more likes and comments on Facebook are given below.


Facebook Likes

Post consistently

 It is very important for you to be consistent on Facebook for becoming popular. You have to do posting consistently unless you are not always remembered by the other users.

Post Relevant content

You have to include great visuals in your content. There should be great headlines in your contents so that people notice it among all posts. There should be something eye catchy in your post. They should also contain good quality videos. Don’t make your posts too promotional.

Create a great page

Your profile photo and cover are the first impressions of yours on other viewers. So it’s very important to choose them wisely. You always have to keep your best performing post at the top of your profile. So firstly people see those.

Ease of finding your page

This is the very important point to implement. Keep simple and memorable username. The name of your page should be simple. Do not use unnecessary keywords so that people get bewildered while searching for your page.

Promote your Facebook page

 You can promote your Facebook page by making a small video, in which you can highlight the different qualities of the page.

By following all the above points you can get a large number of likes and comments on your posts. It is very interesting and exciting to get popularity or fame on Facebook. You can take your Facebook page to another level by doing more creative things. You can do more and more experiment for this.

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