Is It Necessary To Buy Instagram Likes For Business Marketing?

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Instagram has taken the app world by a storm. People use to share millions of photos/videos around the world every day. For businesses, there are several testimonials from companies that show how effective Instagram is as a tool for business advertising. Yet there are also some who are raising their eyebrows claiming that this popular app have certain limitations which cannot cater all types of businesses. There are misconceptions being hurled on Instagram in the aspect of brand promotion. Although a company can easily buy Instagram likes to boost statistics, the whole concept on photo sharing for business marketing is still effective as ever. Here are some misconceptions that we need to correct about Instagram.

It’s made for posting photos/videos only. Although it is obvious that this is the main purpose, but what makes it different and more effective from others is that sharing photos/videos in this app is like a two way street. Marketers can utilize Instagram for customer interaction and other activities. It enables brand names to influence User Generated Content (UGC) by several marketing techniques like creating photo contests and special campaigns. Always remember that for security purposes, companies should make a brand-specific hash tag for the contest they are conducting. The contest hash tag must be promoted actively.

Buy Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram is only for big companies. This is not true as well because there are small shops and self-employed artists and vendors who are doing great on Instagram. Anyone can set up an account, start small and build up the crowd. Small businesses can start with creating their own network from their existing customers. To get a good boost on media presence, businesses can buy followers to increase their statistics and attract more followers.

Instagram only works for physical products. This is not true. Businesses that services rather than physical or visual products can also tap on their market on Instagram. They can still use this app in promoting their company by posting interesting photos of their office, logos, motto and other media that represent the services they provide.

Results of the advertising cannot be measured. Unlike Facebook pages, Instagram provides no insights on posts you made, but there are ways that you can monitor statistics of your posts. You can utilize website statistics sites that measure your advertising results. Website statistics can also track down your visitors if they came from Instagram links or other sources. You’ll also see how far your posts have through networks. You can buy followers to boost your image, and from there, watch how many followers are added and where your posts go. You can use this data to analyze which type of traffic sources are effective in bringing sales.

Instagram can sell your photographs. We all have been there. Copyright and ownership of your photos is a big issue in social networks. How can you exactly control the usage of your photos? Since Instagram has already revised their terms and conditions after several negative feedbacks, it is now guaranteed that the users are the owners of the photos and it will not be sold outside Instagram.

Raising thousands of Instagram followers takes months. It’s true, but if you play the game of social networking properly, you might get it in just weeks or days. Some businesses invest and buy followers to jumpstart their online media presence.

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