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As you know your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want to look the best bride on the planet. But for looking pretty and beautiful you need accessories that best goes with your wedding dress.

Glamour Life Diamonds

Glamour Life Diamonds

For looking beautiful at the most precious day of your life requires lots of planning about each and every stuff that you carry while dressing up for your wedding function. So here is the list of all the important accessories that you need to buy for your wedding.


This is one of the most important accessories for your wedding day. You really want to wear best sandals on the day of the wedding. There are many things on which you need to focus on while hunting for your wedding day footwears. Comfort is very important because you are not wearing them for 2-3 hours you are carrying them for the whole day. So please think before taking any high heel shoes that later become a hassle for you.


It should match your outfit. It should not be too tiny that it does not fit your important carrying stuff like the make-up kit, handkerchief, kajal, tissues, lipstick and many more. You can choose the small and elegant clutch that holds something larger and wider than a handkerchief. Don’t forget to check that your phone fits in the purse or not before buying it.


It is the soul of your wedding look. It must be perfect. There is no option to look best if unless your jewelry is not well coordinated. There is the different taste of different people. Some like to wear light necklaces and stuff and some beliefs about wearing heavy stuff. But one important thing that you need to think about before buying any kind of jewelry is your outfit. You have to coordinate your jewelry with your wedding outfit. Buying jewelry also depends on budget. For purchasing beautiful jewelry you can also visit online jewelry shops like glamour life diamonds. Always go for the trustworthy sellers.

Forehead Decoration-

Your forehead decoration plays an important part in overall bridal look. You can use decorative bindis of different sizes or sandalwood paste drawings for decorating your forehead. But keep your forehead size and bindi style in the bind. You have to use all this decoration in a way that complements your dress and should not overpower your entire look.

Hand and feet decoration-

Bangles of color matching with your bridal dress can give your hands a beautiful look. Elegant and simple mehndi designs can also add beauty to your hands. Beautiful colored nail polishes also play an important part in your hand and feet decoration. You have to choose nail polish of color that best goes with your dress.

By going through the above points you really get help about prepping for the wedding day. Each accessory has its importance. So don’t forget to buy any of these before your wedding day.

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