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Motor trade insurance is something very important for the vehicles which are in the public domain like, motor mechanics, sales and body shops. Below are the details of the sections and the factors which are available under the packages:

• Motor risk

Traffic accidents are the number one cause for fatalities.

• Combined motor trade

Many people wonder if motor trade insurance is really vital in business. Motor trade policy is really beneficial if you are buying selling or fixing any kind of vehicle. This kind of trade is beneficial to the owners of the business and also to the employees working there, this helps to save your money if any hard time arrives.

Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

There are total 5 kinds of motor trade policies for car industries which include:

• Comprehensive insurance

In this policy, all the terms considered under third party insurance along with, any accidental damage to the vehicle.

• Liability insurance

Liability insurance provides third party insurance which protects from any legal liability which arises towards third parties, on bodily injuries or death. This third party insurance liability also covers fire and theft.

• Loss or damage to the vehicle

Covers the loss or damage, caused to the vehicle, or its accessories, if the client’s vehicles get damaged in the insured property.

• Open air car park

This provides coverage for the open air car park for your vehicle.

• Legal expenses

It allows you fight a claim in the court without spending a single penny from your wallet.

• Breakdown cover

If your vehicle breaks down, breakdown covers are provided and also provide rescue, and recovery sales, and recovery services.

• Public liability insurance

It makes sure that you are covered for cost regarding any legal action that may arise if the third party gets injured or damages occurred to their property either at the business or some other place.

• Employers liability insurance

It’s not always the public claims which arise, it’s sometimes the claims from the employees, and it covers all the issues caused by the employees.


Road risk insurance or motor trade insurance is considered to be the best for every single person who runs with cars, motorbikes, vans etc., which will help to save your vehicles from the damages caused during road accidents or motor trade purposes.

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